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dental check-ups

  • Check-ups are critical
  • We can find out if you have any dental problems
  • Advise you on the best way to look after your teeth
  • Discuss any possible treatment options

Why are check-ups important?

The ‘check-up’ is the fundamental step to diagnosing your problems and finding out what can be done.

It starts with your Medical History, which tells us if there are any conditions which may affect your oral health. We will also ask you whether you smoke, drink alcohol and about your diet.

All these can impact your oral health and we would need to advise you about that so that you can make important decisions. We will screen you soft tissue, your gums, teeth and ‘jaws’.

We can also look into the teeth and bones using Digital Radiographs (x-rays), which use significantly less radiation than conventional means. A picture is built up of the problem, and treatments with alternative options discussed.

The check-up also gives us the opportunity to discuss prevention and maintenance, and importantly gives you the chance to ask questions.

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Camberwell Dental Care
6 Camberwell Church St,
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