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Camberwell Dental Care

6 Camberwell Church St
London, SE5 8QU

why choose us?

  • We are passionate about the care we deliver.
  • We have a friendly caring team who wants to help.
  • We are committed to your health.
  • We offer the latest techniques to save your teeth.
  • NHS and Private Services offered at our dental practice

Why us? Because our patients say “we care”

At Camberwell Dental Care, you will receive a personalised care plan that will indicate the state of your oral health in easily understandable terms. Very similar to the traffic light system used in labelling foods, we use the traffic light system to measure the level of disease and health.

The oral health plan will also tell you what you need to do to improve your health and what the dentist proposes to do. Our team is dedicated to improve your oral health and we believe that prevention is better than cure.

We will spend time with every patient to inform and educate them with regard to their health. This includes looking at diet, social habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking and family medical history.

Armed with this information, we believe that your oral health can only improve which will have long lasting benefits in old age.

We have built our reputation as providers of Care and Concern.... and will continue to do so.

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Camberwell Dental Care
6 Camberwell Church St,
London, Greater London


to register with the practice or book an appointment please contact us or

Tel: 020 7703 0301

opening hours

Monday 08.30-13.00 13:45-17:15
Tuesday 08.30-13.00 13:45-17:15
Wednesday 08.30-13.00 13:45-17:15
Thursday 08.30-13.00 13:45-17:15
Friday 08.30-13.00 13:45-17:15
Saturdays and evenings by arrangement.

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